About us


Whitecrest Care Services Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency specialized in the provision of temporary and permanent healthcare staffing solutions.

500 Clients Assisted

Our goal is to deliver high-quality healthcare services through our diverse staffing solutions.

7 years Experience

Our goal is to deliver high-quality healthcare services through our diverse staffing solutions.


Whitecrest care offers a variety of services alongside our healthcare recruitment services, our goal is to move mountains for you by continuing to meet the specific needs our clients both in the private healthcare sector and the NHS across the UK.

As a result, the private healthcare market from domiciliary care to healthcare recruitment has seen an explosion of growth, due in part to our ageing population, but also due to people wishing to get healthcare at home, paying for their own care so that their estate is not diminished as a result.

Focusing on providing you with the ideal staffing solutions within the private, public sector and the NHS. Our team at Whitecrest care ensure that we are meeting your needs with high-quality and professional staff at short notice as well.

Whitecrest Care differentiates itself from other providers by ensuring that excellence is noted in everything we do.  we are reaching for outstanding in everything we do, and by employing staff consisting only of first-rate caregivers, with matched interests, and while striving to provide great services within the healthcare sector,  we strive to offer white-glove service.  Supported living and healthcare at home have never been better than for us. The satisfaction of our clients is paramount, we want to be able to say that we move mountains for you.

Dentist with a child in clinic


To be known as the best provision of home care providers in the market, providing the very best healthcare at home, first-rate care to clients in our geographical market by employing only proven, hard-working, professional, honest, compassionate and ethical home care providers in the market who are dedicated to providing outstanding home care services and improving the quality of clients’ lives.

We aim to provide a contemporary approach to healthcare at home by supporting all people in our services to regularly rate their care but also by working with other healthcare areas, the medical markets to truly be one step ahead, and willing and able to Move Mountains For You.


To assist every client with improving their quality of life, encouraging independence and allowing them to be comfortable with excellent healthcare at home by providing first-class, professional care with respect, dignity, compassion, the highest ethical standards and honour.

And, being able to provide a true transitional pathway of care that allows people who use our services to see where they start, where it ends and how their care is conducted in between.


Our goal at Whitecrest is to make a reality of our vision that Healthcare services especially within the domiciliary, Nursing and Medical sector can continue to be delivered with excellence and satisfaction for our clients at home and abroad.

“your care, your way, each and every single day”

By working with pioneers in our field of expertise who have worked tirelessly in ensuring that we are able to support in making life easier for clients. This is the reason why when working with Whitecrest care …we will always deliver…..leave each person using our services looking forward to their next visit.